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Francesca hat am 19.02.2018 01:39:34 geschrieben :

Greetings from Italy
THANK YOU! Rome/Italy.

Do you have Hogwarts express model?

Sonya Kang hat am 29.01.2018 17:48:12 geschrieben :

search on the internet
I'm from Republic of Korea, my name is Sonya Kang.
Nice to meet you. I love so mush series of Harry Potter.
Thank you for your made this model.
고마워요, 사랑해요. 감사합니다! (It means Vielen Dank!)

Dr David Turner hat am 29.01.2018 16:34:01 geschrieben :

Thank you so much
I am really enjoying building Hogwarts, particularly as it is for my  Grandaughter who is autistic and all things Harry Potter mean a lot to her. This project gives us a working link to maintain our relationship when so much else in life is far too hard for her.

I am so impressed by your design and the work you have done to achieve this and full of gratitude that you would share this with us. Bravo!

Emma Stahl hat am 23.01.2018 19:14:19 geschrieben :

Sehr schön! Ich lade aus dem Harz herunter!

Patricia Thompson (Homepage) hat am 29.12.2017 21:25:44 geschrieben :

Thank you
My grandaughter and I will be working on building your Hogwarts model. We think you are a genius and appreciate your sharing.


Spring, TEXAS, USA

Annabelle hat am 06.12.2017 20:42:01 geschrieben :

Lieber Klaus,
vielen Dank dir für die Bereitstellung deiner Modellzeichnungen!!!
Ich habe seit Tagen nach einem Modell gesucht und dachte heute schon, ich müsse wohl selbst eins zeichnen und plötzlich: die Erlösung! Am Wochenende soll ein Lebkuchenhaus daraus werden (natürlich nicht ganz so detailgetreu, aber mit Wiedererkennungswert). Alle sind hier schon ganz gespannt.
Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit wünscht dir Annabelle aus Kiel.

Geoff Stagg hat am 30.11.2017 03:02:13 geschrieben :

I downloaded the files for the "wizard castle" from the website at wiltshirecounty.npage.de

​Thanks!  I live on Vancouver Island, which is on the west coast of Canada.

Zuzanna hat am 12.11.2017 19:32:45 geschrieben :

Quidditch hill
I try doing Hogwart, and I start again at the begin. I can' t build good Quidditch hill of expanded polystyrene=14.6667px . What material is it? Can you send me any photos of Guidditch hill, without grass, etc? And, you use plaster? Can you write step by step how to make the hill?
P.S. I am ver very big fan of Harry Potter and How to train your dragon. I like papercrafts. I also have Toothles on my desk with paper.

Heidi hat am 10.10.2017 13:27:35 geschrieben :

Howarts zip
Danke für den Download!
Beste Grüße aus Franken

Tino vd Plas hat am 01.10.2017 22:51:01 geschrieben :

Hogwarts zip-file
I an sooo impressed by your beautiful buildings!!
My daughter is soon having her birthday, and i am really inspired by your Hogwarts Castel. And because we are big fans of HP i rally would like to try and build this myself.However the links for the zip-files don't work anymore.Do you think it is possible to send them to me by email? It would mean a great deal to me!

Best wishes

Tino ( The Haque,  Nertherlands)

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