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 Susy hat am 11.10.2011 00:18:58 geschrieben:
   Castle Plans
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating this. I will be using parts of it to create a version of the castle made out of sugar and I will be using parts of your plans. Thank you for all your hard work!

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 Reza hat am 04.10.2011 00:10:10 geschrieben:
   Amazing craftmanship
Greetings from London England. Wow you have an amazing. Website I was looking for Hogwarts castle models and Papercraft and came across your site. I downloaded the files and hope to see if I can make it myself. You must have alot of patience! You are a true artist.
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 Stephanie hat am 18.09.2011 01:39:27 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts castle- F Tower Roof
Hello, I'm from Brazil. I'm completely in love with your project. I'm doing it for my son's b-day. I'm having a little bit of a problem in the F tower, the roof is too small. Am I doing something wrong? I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you so much, Stephanie
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 Kathy Betzen hat am 10.09.2011 23:03:34 geschrieben:
Thank you for this free download. I will enjoy puttng it together with my grandkids.
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 neil houlton hat am 08.09.2011 11:31:57 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts Model
Hello from Bournemouth in England, thank you for all your hard work and for letting the model go out for free. When it is finished I will send you a photograph. If I can help at any time with infomation on British railways please just ask.
Thank you. Neil.
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 Ryan Skinner hat am 08.09.2011 06:44:20 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts Paper Modle
dear maker of hogwarts modle,
i have printed and made the hogwarts castle one time already, but that modle was ruend, thanks to my pet cat . so now i'm going to make 2, one for me, and im giving my friend one for christmas, but in my last build, i didnt add the LED lights. because it became very hard to do it, so i was wondering, if i could fix the lights inside up, and be able to plug it to a wall outlet? or maybe you could give me a link to a page for more information? o and i downloaded from philadelphia mississippi U.S.A
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 mona hat am 05.09.2011 17:08:30 geschrieben:
Great and Thank you from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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 Robert Clark hat am 31.08.2011 22:18:11 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
Thank you, this will be a great suprise for my daughter. My daughter a very large Harry Potter fan, her mother started reading her the books when she was younger, now going to college in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We are about one hundred miles away from Chicago.
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 Markus hat am 25.08.2011 21:05:47 geschrieben:
Super Arbeit.

Download erfolgte gerade aus America

Weiter so.

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 Leonard hat am 24.08.2011 07:48:35 geschrieben:

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