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Paul hat am 24.10.2011 04:56:41 geschrieben :

Thanks from Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

Rafael (Homepage) hat am 21.10.2011 15:03:54 geschrieben :

Greetings from México, I found your papercraft castle in a publish (trying to sell your castle) so, I decided to search where could I download for free... I totally loved it!... You put the "eagle eating a snake" in the fountain!! (that's on our Mexican flag)

Victoria Trevino hat am 16.10.2011 04:46:45 geschrieben :

Castle plans
Hola from Mexico! Thank you for sharing these plans. My grandkids will have a lot of fun making this fabulous castle!

Susy hat am 11.10.2011 00:18:58 geschrieben :

Castle Plans
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating this. I will be using parts of it to create a version of the castle made out of sugar and I will be using parts of your plans. Thank you for all your hard work!


Reza hat am 04.10.2011 00:10:10 geschrieben :

Amazing craftmanship
Greetings from London England. Wow you have an amazing. Website I was looking for Hogwarts castle models and Papercraft and came across your site. I downloaded the files and hope to see if I can make it myself. You must have alot of patience! You are a true artist.

Stephanie hat am 18.09.2011 01:39:27 geschrieben :

Hogwarts castle- F Tower Roof
Hello, I'm from Brazil. I'm completely in love with your project. I'm doing it for my son's b-day. I'm having a little bit of a problem in the F tower, the roof is too small. Am I doing something wrong? I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you so much, Stephanie

Kathy Betzen hat am 10.09.2011 23:03:34 geschrieben :

Thank you for this free download. I will enjoy puttng it together with my grandkids.

neil houlton hat am 08.09.2011 11:31:57 geschrieben :

Hogwarts Model
Hello from Bournemouth in England, thank you for all your hard work and for letting the model go out for free. When it is finished I will send you a photograph. If I can help at any time with infomation on British railways please just ask.
Thank you. Neil.

Ryan Skinner hat am 08.09.2011 06:44:20 geschrieben :

Hogwarts Paper Modle
dear maker of hogwarts modle,
i have printed and made the hogwarts castle one time already, but that modle was ruend, thanks to my pet cat . so now i'm going to make 2, one for me, and im giving my friend one for christmas, but in my last build, i didnt add the LED lights. because it became very hard to do it, so i was wondering, if i could fix the lights inside up, and be able to plug it to a wall outlet? or maybe you could give me a link to a page for more information? o and i downloaded from philadelphia mississippi U.S.A

mona hat am 05.09.2011 17:08:30 geschrieben :

Great and Thank you from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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