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 JonG hat am 03.03.2011 18:16:43 geschrieben:
Thank you for making this model available, it looks fantastic, and I am sure my daughter will be delighted as we (try to) make it.
Vielen Dank!
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 federico bartolotta hat am 27.02.2011 13:17:35 geschrieben:
hola te escribo desde Argentina... y voy a hacer el castillo para mi hermano... q le encanta harry poter. gracias por tu inmformacion, muy bueno el post
saludos fede
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 Clarence Davis hat am 16.02.2011 22:20:11 geschrieben:
Looks intriguing. i have built some smaller paper models for my N-scale layout.
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 Simeon hat am 06.02.2011 20:52:04 geschrieben:
Thanks for the fantastic design! I live in Recife, Brazil and my daughter is a Harry Potter fanatic. We are going to try to set up an N-scale Hogwarts Express, and this is absolutely perfect for that! Muito Obrigado (Vielen Dank)!
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 Fabiola Rabelo hat am 23.01.2011 13:17:03 geschrieben:
Hola soy de México y acabo de encontrar tu pàgina, quiero agradecerte por compartir tu maravilloso trabajo, soy fanática de Harry Potter y no sabes como me emociona poder hacer el castillo de Hogwarts yo misma.
Muchas gracias
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 Floyd Hibbs hat am 14.01.2011 19:53:34 geschrieben:
   Thank you
Wonderful job. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others! I am a beginner and will glean your ideas as I progress.

From North Carolina, USA
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 Greta hat am 13.01.2011 23:33:59 geschrieben:
Your HogwartsCastle is wonderful! I want to try to make it! But Ive some questions about it:

1. I see that you made it with photographic paper.. can I make it with normal paper(printing paper)?
2. I dont understand very well how put the stairs inside the Quidditch towers (n°33). Could you explain me better?

I give you my e-mail address, so youll can answer me on this: Iander_R_music4e@hotmail.it

Sorry if the english is not very good.. Im italian!
A thanks by Verona, Italy!
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 Keyla Pimenta hat am 28.12.2010 19:35:31 geschrieben:
Im from Brazil and loved your site. thank you for the wizard castle.
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 rene hat am 28.12.2010 18:54:24 geschrieben:
tnx for the castle greetz from venlo holland
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 Yosef Bender hat am 16.12.2010 12:22:44 geschrieben:
   dunka shan
can not wait to build my D&D group are students in a wizards school.

where do I down load could not find the link
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