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 klaus hat am 28.09.2010 04:13:21 geschrieben:
   Erweiterung / extension
Hallo Freunde von Hogwarts,
aufgrund einiger Nachfragen habe ich heute 3 weitere Dateien eingefügt:
1. Hilfedatei in deutscher Sprache (Seite 42)
2. Hilfedatei in Englischer Sprache(Seite 43)
3. Baulayout als nackter Rahmen ohne Muster und Farben zur besseren Erkennung von Faltlinien (Seite 44).
Ich hoffe, dies hilft ein wenig - sonst ruhig nachfragen !
Ansonsten vielen Dank für Euer grosses Interesse !
Herzliche Grüsse an Euch Alle

Hello friends of Hogwarts,
because of some questions, I have added 3 files today :
1. helpfile in German language (page 42)
2. helpfile in English language (page 43)
3. Layout as naked frames without colours and patterns. There you better can see the folding lines (page 44).
I hope, this will be a help for you - otherwise just ask me, please.
Thank you very much for the big interest in my work !
Best regards to all of you
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 jane roten hat am 26.09.2010 20:15:01 geschrieben:
This is an amazing undertaking. Thanks for sharing this. My son loves it!!
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 Terrance A. Cupper hat am 25.09.2010 19:59:49 geschrieben:
   Powell Butte, Oregon, USA
Thank you. Beautiful. You are a Wizard.
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 Andreas Neff hat am 21.09.2010 13:30:08 geschrieben:
   unreadable markings
Although this could be a great project, I cant understand the euphoria. Didnt anybody recognize the poor quality of the PDFs? The smaller markings are completely unreadable! This stops me from trying to build this model cause I would find it very annoying to run into problems after having done half of the work.
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 Edward C. Brunelle Jr hat am 17.09.2010 21:53:10 geschrieben:
   Ftom the N-Scale Yahoo Workgroup
Im in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

I also love Harry Potter (Both the books and the movies).
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 Marie-Ève M. hat am 14.09.2010 08:52:23 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts - Poudlard
Im in St-Hippolyte, Quebec, Canada

Im a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and when I saw your Wizard Castle I was so overjoyed. Thank you for this great gift to us fans ^-^

Marie-Eve M.
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 Bob Lacoste hat am 11.09.2010 04:36:10 geschrieben:
Im From Canada
the city of Lachine in the Provence of Quebec

Great work keep it up and thanks for the download

Bob Lacoste
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 John Cook hat am 10.09.2010 16:20:17 geschrieben:
I have been modeling trains for 65 years and in N Scale for over 30 years. I have seen a lot of layouts and yours is beautiful and original. I do a lot of unique building from scratch so I can really appreciate the design and construction involved in Hogwarts. Thank you for sharing it.
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 Jim Donaldson hat am 09.09.2010 22:28:10 geschrieben:
   Web Site
Hi from Austin, Texas USA. I just wanted to thank you so much for creating this web site. And especially for the downloads. I ran across your pictures of Hogwarts on the Nscale.org site and then found your web page. Ive also posted links to your site on the Yahoo Group sites N-scale and N-scale Varnish. Again thanks for the downloads. I really look forward to building my own Hogwarts
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 Brenda hat am 09.09.2010 00:09:09 geschrieben:
   Help with the castle!
Hey, thanx for the WIzard Castle the 38 link doesnt work and i cant find the winzip, can you help me please???
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