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 jane roten hat am 26.09.2010 20:15:01 geschrieben:
This is an amazing undertaking. Thanks for sharing this. My son loves it!!
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 Terrance A. Cupper hat am 25.09.2010 19:59:49 geschrieben:
   Powell Butte, Oregon, USA
Thank you. Beautiful. You are a Wizard.
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 Andreas Neff hat am 21.09.2010 13:30:08 geschrieben:
   unreadable markings
Although this could be a great project, I cant understand the euphoria. Didnt anybody recognize the poor quality of the PDFs? The smaller markings are completely unreadable! This stops me from trying to build this model cause I would find it very annoying to run into problems after having done half of the work.
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 Edward C. Brunelle Jr hat am 17.09.2010 21:53:10 geschrieben:
   Ftom the N-Scale Yahoo Workgroup
Im in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

I also love Harry Potter (Both the books and the movies).
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 Marie-Ève M. hat am 14.09.2010 08:52:23 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts - Poudlard
Im in St-Hippolyte, Quebec, Canada

Im a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and when I saw your Wizard Castle I was so overjoyed. Thank you for this great gift to us fans ^-^

Marie-Eve M.
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 Bob Lacoste hat am 11.09.2010 04:36:10 geschrieben:
Im From Canada
the city of Lachine in the Provence of Quebec

Great work keep it up and thanks for the download

Bob Lacoste
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 John Cook hat am 10.09.2010 16:20:17 geschrieben:
I have been modeling trains for 65 years and in N Scale for over 30 years. I have seen a lot of layouts and yours is beautiful and original. I do a lot of unique building from scratch so I can really appreciate the design and construction involved in Hogwarts. Thank you for sharing it.
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 Jim Donaldson hat am 09.09.2010 22:28:10 geschrieben:
   Web Site
Hi from Austin, Texas USA. I just wanted to thank you so much for creating this web site. And especially for the downloads. I ran across your pictures of Hogwarts on the Nscale.org site and then found your web page. Ive also posted links to your site on the Yahoo Group sites N-scale and N-scale Varnish. Again thanks for the downloads. I really look forward to building my own Hogwarts
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 Brenda hat am 09.09.2010 00:09:09 geschrieben:
   Help with the castle!
Hey, thanx for the WIzard Castle the 38 link doesnt work and i cant find the winzip, can you help me please???
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 M. Fred Jensen hat am 03.09.2010 04:41:31 geschrieben:
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