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 Leo Minor hat am 23.02.2016 16:15:48 geschrieben:
   Thankful for all your work
Thank you for all your wonderful work. I've downloaded the files for the Wizard's Castle.

Leo Minor

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 John Kitzmiller hat am 27.12.2015 17:38:07 geschrieben:
   downloaded the wizard's castle
I downloaded the files for the wizard's castle, to be constructed in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

Thanks for all your work,

John Kitzmiller
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 Barbara hat am 29.11.2015 21:14:18 geschrieben:
   Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
I was looking for paper house ideas. I found your link on http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/. I am very impressed!  I may try to build someday.
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 Ana hat am 17.08.2015 18:46:44 geschrieben:
First or all I need to thank you for sharing all the pictures.You are really awesome!
I'm from Brazil, São Paulo
Tks a lot
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 Scott Miller hat am 10.08.2015 06:42:12 geschrieben:
   Thank you
You, Sir, are SO kind.  What a gift this N-scale Hogwarts is.  I was just fiddling around with the idea of building an N-scale Harry Potter-themed English rail layout, wondering if there might be, somewhere in the universe, an N-scale Hogwarts plan.  And here it is!  Thank you so much.

One question: did you model the Hogwarts express by repainting an existing Great Western Railway model?  I haven't found an N-scale Hogwarts express.

Thanks again.  Scott Miller
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 Raphael M. hat am 16.07.2015 23:11:41 geschrieben:
   A great piece of modeling.
I live in Barstow, California, USA. The high desert of the Mojave.
I have been a Harry Potter fan before the full series of books was finished.  Very surprised when I came across your website and the castle.
Like to say thank you very much for sharing your work.
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 Jason Lodas hat am 20.06.2015 22:18:33 geschrieben:
   Fantastic Model.
I'm from Oceanside, California, USA.
This is a great model.  Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing!
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 Eric H. hat am 11.06.2015 02:51:49 geschrieben:
   Thanks for the Wizards Castle Model!
Hello from the U.S.A. (Arizona)! I have been looking for a good model of Hogwarts Wizards Castle for quite awhile now and I was pleasently surprised to come across your site today! Not only is your model on a professional scale but you made it available for FREE! Thank you very much it's greatly appreciated! 
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 Kumisensei hat am 30.04.2015 15:36:30 geschrieben:
Thank you very much for the files.
I downloaded it and began to built it a few moths now.
As I was not sure if I could finish, I hesiteted to leave my thanks messege to you.

I  am a taranslator in Japan and a big fun of Harry Potter.
I visited to the musium in London and was impressed the model of castle there.
That was a reason I tried to built the castle and now I began to built the church (which means I think  might complete the work).
I will let you know when I have done it.
Anyway I really appriciate Wizard Castle files.

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 Franck hat am 01.04.2015 16:23:05 geschrieben:
I'm from France, not far from Lyon. I will do my best but I don't know if I will be able to make this castle. But I will try. Nevertheless, what an incredible work you've done !!! congratulations.
It was very difficult for me to send this message because on this page, it's written in german and I don't know a word of it...
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