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 Pedro Luiz Ferrador hat am 28.07.2010 05:06:58 geschrieben:
   Thank you
Thank you for sharing your master pieces.
I´m writing from Brasil and I´m sure i´ll visit your site more times and i´ll indicate for my friends.

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 Darby hat am 25.07.2010 22:32:54 geschrieben:
Thanks so much for making such a wonderful model!
I live in Mississippi, USA
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 J.. Ignacio hat am 20.07.2010 21:33:32 geschrieben:
   Schloss Wizard
Wonderful work!!
I consider it a masterpiece, one of the nicest Ive seen.
Ich danke Ihnen sehr für dieses Geschenk.
Grüße aus Valladolid, Spanien
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 Dawndee hat am 16.07.2010 03:24:49 geschrieben:
   Thank you
Hi Klaus, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your kind email (thru nscaledotorg) when I was sick. I am finally back in the swing of things and have downloaded your beautiful castle and just about everything else too!!! Your work will be in TX now too!
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 Asa hat am 15.07.2010 12:59:23 geschrieben:
   Wizard castle
Great model! Planning to do it with my kids as a Summer holiday project. We live in Sweden.
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 Lawrence hat am 05.07.2010 22:38:30 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
Thank You for sharing all of your hard work. It is obvious that you have spent many, many hours on this labor of love. I live in Leesburg, Florida, USA....
Best Regards......
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 Janet Fleury hat am 29.06.2010 02:50:33 geschrieben:
   Harry Potter castle
I have printed out your castle (Great Job)
I was very excited as my Granddaughter loves Harry.I have giving it my daughter in law to put together. I hope she can do it. We are having a hard time understanding the German. We are from Canandaigua N.Y,
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 Pham Viet Phu hat am 28.06.2010 09:28:08 geschrieben:
   Wizards Castle
This is the best model Ive ever seen before. Thank you for sharing. I hope someday I can realize this project.

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 Mad hat am 09.06.2010 14:34:07 geschrieben:
   Schloss Wizard
wollt dir nur sagen, das dein fabelhaftes schloss hiermit seinen Weg nach Bielefeld gefunden hat.
Wenn ich es verwirklicht habe, werde ich bilder folgen lassen.
Verlinke das zusaetzlich in meiner papercraftsuppe (http://papercraft.soup.io/)
Einfach runter scrollen - es wird schon auftauchen.
bis dann ^^


I just want to let you know that youre fabulous wizard castle fount its way to Bielefeld/Germany.
When Ive realized it Ill let follow pictures.
Also I set an Link on my papercraftsoup (http://papercraft.soup.io/)
Just scroll down - it will appear.
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 Chris Williams hat am 06.06.2010 10:17:25 geschrieben:
   wizards castle
Love the work!!! Thanks for sharing it with the world.
Liebe die Arbeit!!! Vielen Dank für den Austausch mit der Welt.
Laguna, New Mexico, USA
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