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 Elvira Gabrovska hat am 08.02.2010 17:03:53 geschrieben:
   I\m IMPRESSED !!!
Hi Im IMPRESSED ... ive never seen a paper model like this, its so real! I love it, I feel like Im in it...You have done a LOT of work its so awsome!!! Im so exited, I want to build one too and this summer Ill try... i just want to say THANX for the inspiration!!! You are amazing artist
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 Horst Kuhn hat am 07.02.2010 04:10:24 geschrieben:
Rochester,NY USA
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 Mrtin Nahm hat am 06.02.2010 14:18:29 geschrieben:
Super Modell
prima dases die Kirche jetzt auch gibt.
Martin aus Fritzlar
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 Robert Bianchetta hat am 03.02.2010 15:02:21 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts Castle
I love Wiltshire Country Layout
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 Ted Kozlowski hat am 02.02.2010 23:17:37 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts Castle
Hello - And thank you for all your efforts. We are trying to construct your model of Hogwarts Castle for a model Train Show we are doing at Lasdon Park & Arboretum in Somers, NY USA in October. We have trouble correctly placing the attic windows on the roof of the Clock Building (Page 1). What is the correct method to place them on the roof? Thank You
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 Red Dragon hat am 28.01.2010 03:21:27 geschrieben:
Thank you for sharing the wizard\s castle.

Sehr Gut! Sehr Schone!

Did you create the buildings in Hogsmeade as well, or are they commercially available?

I model trains in HO scale. Thank you also for sharing your train modeling plans and pictures as well.


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 Ken Hall hat am 20.01.2010 07:59:14 geschrieben:
   Wizard\s Castle
I love the model of the wizards castle. I have not yet built it, but obviously much work went into it.

Ken Hall
Elgin, SC
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 Harry Potter Fan hat am 10.01.2010 18:58:53 geschrieben:
Ich hab eig. nur nach einer Zeichnung der einzelnen Stockwerke von oben gesucht. Aber das hat mich echt umgehauen... wie lang hast du an dem Teil gesessen??
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 Tiago hat am 10.01.2010 03:13:40 geschrieben:
   Another country
Oi! Meu nome é Tiago.
Eu sou de uma cidade pequena e humilde do Brasil chamada Mococa, que fica no estado de São Paulo.
Eu li sobre o seu site (sítio) no Orkut.
É incrível o que você faz com papéis! Você faz tudo com papel?
Eu gosto muito de Harry Potter, eu sou fã dele.
Como eu vi o seu site (sítio) escrito também em inglês, estou usando este idioma. Eu não sei alemão de jeito nenhum.

Hi! My name is Tiago.
I am from a small and humild town from Brazil called Mococa, in São Paulo state.
I have read about your site at Orkut.
Thats incredible what you do with papers!Do you make everything with paper?
I like Harry Potter very much, I am his fan.
As I saw your site written also in English, I am using this language. I dont know German anyway.
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 Michael hat am 06.01.2010 17:39:52 geschrieben:
   sehr beeindruckend
Habe eigendlich nur nach einem anreitz für meine neue anlage gesucht und dann bin ich über das hier gestolpert ^^

leider ist mein brett zu klein
aber nach dem ich ein großer hp fan bin habe ich mich entschlossen meine alte anlage abzubaun und kleiner auf meine neue zu bauen und das schloss auf meine alte zu stellen ^^

Liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg (Mittel Franken)
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