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 Jason Lodas hat am 20.06.2015 22:18:33 geschrieben:
   Fantastic Model.
I'm from Oceanside, California, USA.
This is a great model.  Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing!
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 Eric H. hat am 11.06.2015 02:51:49 geschrieben:
   Thanks for the Wizards Castle Model!
Hello from the U.S.A. (Arizona)! I have been looking for a good model of Hogwarts Wizards Castle for quite awhile now and I was pleasently surprised to come across your site today! Not only is your model on a professional scale but you made it available for FREE! Thank you very much it's greatly appreciated! 
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 Kumisensei hat am 30.04.2015 15:36:30 geschrieben:
Thank you very much for the files.
I downloaded it and began to built it a few moths now.
As I was not sure if I could finish, I hesiteted to leave my thanks messege to you.

I  am a taranslator in Japan and a big fun of Harry Potter.
I visited to the musium in London and was impressed the model of castle there.
That was a reason I tried to built the castle and now I began to built the church (which means I think  might complete the work).
I will let you know when I have done it.
Anyway I really appriciate Wizard Castle files.

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 Franck hat am 01.04.2015 16:23:05 geschrieben:
I'm from France, not far from Lyon. I will do my best but I don't know if I will be able to make this castle. But I will try. Nevertheless, what an incredible work you've done !!! congratulations.
It was very difficult for me to send this message because on this page, it's written in german and I don't know a word of it...
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 The Powell Family hat am 03.03.2015 16:13:41 geschrieben:
   Quidditch field
Thanks for sharing this model. We are in fourth and fifth grade and used the quidditch field model for our book presentation at school. We live in Mississippi.
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 Zimin hat am 17.12.2014 12:51:25 geschrieben:
   Hogwarts model
Hello from Singapore (Singapur)! I'm 16 years old. I started and finished reading the Harry Potter book series when I was 9 and have been a great fan of the books and the movies since then. I've just started to pick up card-modelling and was thrilled to find your astounding card print-outs for Hogwarts Castle! Thank you so much for doing all this for free! It means so much to Harry Potter fans worldwide. It very moving and admirable that you share the fruits of your amazing talents and effort with others and expect nothing in return. There should be more people like you! I am deeply moved. Dankeschön! 
With great respect,
Zimin, Singapore
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 Nathalie hat am 05.12.2014 07:49:28 geschrieben:

Thank you for this.... it's beautiful....I will try my best to make it look as good as yours....

Nathalie, Yukon, Canada
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 Sergio Omar Machuca hat am 02.12.2014 13:31:17 geschrieben:
   Gracias! Es espectacular!!!
Muchísimas gracias!!! Es espectacular!! 
Saludos desde Argentina...
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 Jan hat am 15.11.2014 20:11:26 geschrieben:
Thank you for sharing this wonderful project! I've used some of the buildings and set them up for a Hogwarts based Christmas village.

Salamat (thank you) from Cebu, Philippines!
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 Elke FEls hat am 01.11.2014 19:11:08 geschrieben:
   Hogwards Download
Wir freuen uns, endlich ein Modell zum nachbauen zu bekommen. Das wird eine Adventsarbeit im Wuppertaler Kinderzimmer. Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns dieses Modell zur Verfügung stellen konnten!
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