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 AS hat am 17.10.2012 12:12:18 geschrieben:

Super Arbeit, alles sehr detailgetreu. Ich habe das Schloss bereits gebaut und eigenhändig noch um einige Details aus den späteren Filmen (Astronomieturm etc.) ergänzt.

Danke Schön aus Hessen
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 Chris hat am 14.09.2012 01:22:12 geschrieben:
   Hailing from US
Rochester, NY, US
Heard about you from http://tektonten.blogspot.com/2011/09/harry-potter-papercraft-quidditch-field.html
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 Gerald hat am 05.09.2012 18:10:07 geschrieben:
From central Florida... well done.
I have just started putting this together. The detail is wonderful.

I plan on replicating this in styrene and plastic for my N-scale layout.

Does anyone else find it is waaaay to small for 1:160? When placed next to my other models, it seems 30-50% under-sized.

Regardless, amazing work Klaus.
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 Sam hat am 29.08.2012 17:12:52 geschrieben:
   Thank you
Hi, This is great.
Now to build it!

Thank you from Johannesburg, South Africa
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 Ana hat am 31.07.2012 11:57:27 geschrieben:
   wizard castle
Thanks for the model, my 11-year girl tries to make it. (she doesn't speak english, it's why I'm writing)
We come from Belgium
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 Alexander hat am 20.07.2012 09:06:52 geschrieben:
Hi I just got here from http://www.mascal.it/paper_e.html I am new on the Papercrafting world but I like modeling, I thought that saving your Wizzards castle for the future when I have enought experience would be pretty cool. So thank you very much for sharing this for free, and specially for translating for others to understand.
By the way I read that part where you ask us to sing on your guest book, well let me tell you I'm from México, and my girlfriend is from Greece, I showed her your model wich at the same time she sent to her sister in Greece so I would say it spreads very much.
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 Zapi hat am 16.07.2012 16:02:38 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
Herzlichen Dank fürs Bereitstellen ! Ich habe es von der Schweiz aus heruntergeladen. Ich werde es demnächst mal ausprobieren..
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 Steven Fynn hat am 15.07.2012 19:22:18 geschrieben:
   Wizard Castle
I have downloaded your castle from its original presentation 2008 and it´s 2010 update with a view to sometime making it up. I am glad to say that I have now started the process printing onto A4 paper labels and then sticking them to heavyweight card stock. I may not illuminate the buildings as they are going to be used in a corner as part of my ´n´gauge train layout. It is certainly a nice piece of work and thankyou for the time you have taken in producing it.
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 RC hat am 28.06.2012 18:57:09 geschrieben:
   Great model!
Thank you so much for a great model. I'm an N modeler myself.
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 bob hat am 07.06.2012 17:24:54 geschrieben:
hi from Malaysia..thanks for sharing this,hopefully I can find time & resources to make this model.

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